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The Corona Virus and Its Effects

March 4, 2020

THE CORONAVIRUS was possibly developed and spread by strong international actors and of secret fractions of deep state units of various countries to create panic, chaos and shutdown worldwide. Actors are also pumping out propaganda to increase these effects. The virus is not particularly dangerous, but is well suited for the purpose.

The misery that is created will then be used to gain acceptance for full-time control of how each citizen thinks, acts, moves and speaks, and thereby gain power and economical profit.

One can wonder where the WHO and various domestic authorities are in this game, because they exagerate the danger of the virus and do what they can to maximize the panic and effects thereoff.

An utmost important advice for everyone: Do not only pay close attention to this corona affair, but watch, read and hear around, locally, nationally and internationally to catch up other thing which is happening.

Under the cover of this chaos, both the authorities, strong commercial players and mafias will carry out things that are not for your benefit.

Knut Holt

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