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Exotic technologies

Development of new technologies are steadily going on, but much of iit is hold secret. The reason for this can be many. Laboratories and companies want to keep new development secret to hinder their competitors to steal the ideas. Governmental institutions want to hide new technologies because they are meant to be used as tools for surveillance and controle of the population and of singular individuals. Much technology are held secret for military purposes.

But still people will often see glimpses of new technology that has been secretly developed, Persons may also have histories of technologies that have been used on themselves by institutions of various kind. Here you can tell about things you know, or have experienced regarding new and exotic technologies.

  1. UFOs are Secret Aircrafts and Drones with a Long History

    There is a great cover-up about UFO incidents and everything related, but the reason is something other than people tink.

    Those entities aresecret governmental drones and aricrafts that are used to surveil both the domestic population and foreign territories. They are operated by both North American governments, the Russian government, the Chinese government and other powerful governments, and allies of these governments are using them also.

    They have an alternative shape that makes them suited for lurking around high and low and in every corner of towns and lanscapes. Many of them are propagated by internal fans and jet engines with outlets and inlets for intake of air, propagation force and exhaust.

    Some of them are probably driven by physical principles that are held secret. Even thoug some of these vehicles are technologically very advanced and hence very expensive, most of them are not any more complicated than ordinaryt jet planes, only that they hav an exotic shape and possibly exotic driving forces.

    These vehicles have a long history dating back to the 1930es, and mostly originating in research made in Germany. At that time one was experimenting much with aereal vehicles of any thinkable shape and size, and the first drones were also successfully constructed at that time.

    The nazi Germany developed these vehicles a long step further, but the nazi regime was not able to mature the constructions or manufacture them in numbers big anough to exploit them much in the warfare.

    After the war, the technology, which was very advanced already, was taken over by both USA, England and the Sovyet Union and developed further. Soon these kind of vehicles were secretly set into production and emploid both for scientific research and for surveillance purposes.

    Knut Holt

    • Since the early 1980es UFO reports have accelerated manyfold, especially in USA, Scandinavia and Australia.

      This is at least partly easy to explain. The use of drones is increasing, and drones of all shapes and technologial advancement, both governmental and private. Inevitably many of these will be reported as UFOs. Sometimes swarms of droines are launched from some base, which often do not look like a base at all, fly together some time and then go out in different directions over a wide area, usually reported as UFP swarms. Gorvernments usually like to keep the drones secret and mostly hold them unlit, but sometimes they have to lit them up for practical reasons or for air traffic safety, or they use spotlights from the dronees. In these cases it may look as they suddenly appear from nowhere. Possibly the government also sometimes let the drones behave exotically in order to mislead people in thinking that they are UFOs, or as a part of a psychososial experiment.

      The geographical distribution of the UFO report increae also strongly suggest the cause is increased drone activity. USA is heavily involved in surveillance activities both against foreign powers and individual humans for various purposes. The scandinavian countries have a heavy tradition of cooperating with USA in these activities, and esoecially Norway have a heavy ttradition of renting out own populationm and especially children, for experimentation purposes of American institutions and the global elite. Australia seems to have the same tradition. It is no surprize then that these countries especially participate in this inxreased activity.

  2. Aerial Surveillance Vehicles Powered by Nuclear Energy
    By Knut Holt

    The great powers in the World, like USA, Russia and China, probably posses nuclearly powered aerial vehicles used for surveillance of own population, border surveillance and also intended to be used for crowd control in case of serious riots. When these are seen by people, they likely cause an UFO report.

    The view expressed in this article is formed after scrutinizing a great number of UFO observations, including histories of allegedly crashed UFOs, and upon historical records of successful experiments done with nuclear jet engines in the 1960es. It may explain much of the UFO activity observed around the globe since the early 1960es.

    Governments in both USA, Russia and China use aerial surveillance vehicles powered by nuclear energy, that are held aloft for long periods without any need to go to a base for fuel refill. These are mostly operated as remote controlled drones, but can occasionally be manned.

    They are mostly held aloft at a very high altitudes to monitor a broad area, but sometimes directed down to specific areas for near investigation. When they are observed by people, an UFO report is likely produced. They are mostly used to watch own territory or territory of allies, both to record activities in the population and to detect penetration by foreign powers.

    The vehicles are probably not intended to be used as regular military combat units, since the technology is poorly fit for that purpose. They may however be fit with tools for crowd controle, and some are probably equipped to strike down extreme occurrences of domestic riots. Report of people being paralyzed or even hurt by light beams, humming sounds and various kind of power fields from UFOs might originate from these tools being tested on samples of the population.

    The nuclear propulsion system does not need frequent refill of tanked fuel, and therefore the vehicles can be held aloft for long periods. The propulsion system has the capacity to give a powerful thrust and thus make the vehicles capable of moving quickly from place to place.

    The nuclear propulsion can be constructed in several ways. One way is by a central nuclear reactor connected to generators of electric power. The electricity will then be used to drive fans of various kind for propulsion.

    Another way is a nuclear reactor that is warming up some fluid medium to a high temperature, most probably liquid metal. The fluid medium is circulated between the reactor and jet motors using the heat from the medium as energy source.

    A third way are jet engines driven by nuclear fission processes inside the engine itself.

    A problem with the construction of such vehicles is the need to shield for the radiation made by the nuclear processes. This problems are mostly overcome by hiding the reactors or nuclear jet engines inside heavy structures that also serve as the central architectural structures of the vehicle itself.

    By using architectural structures as shielding, the radiation from nuclear processes can be shielded off without adding much extra weight to the vehicle. Weight will also be spared because fuel tanks and combustion fuel are avoided.

    The propulsion system is mostly hided inside the body of the vehicle and these vehicles are mostly constructed to be able to take-off and land vertically (VTOL). The vehicles mostly have a shape like a triangle, a flying wing, an ovoid shape or a disc-like shape, which are the shapes typically associated with UFOs. One mostly chooses such shapes because they make it easy to construct the shielding for radiation and provide VTOL capabilities.

    Since there is no combustion processes taking place in these vehicles, they will not eject any flames or emit much light when operated at low speeds. The jet engines or exhaust air used to cool the reactor will however glow faintly because of the temperature in the exhausted air. The glow is usually seen at symmetrically arranged spots on the vehicle body where hot air is let out. This faint glow is easily observed in night time, but is hardly seen in daylight.

    When the vehicle is operated at high speed or is accelerated, the temperature in the exhausted air will increase sharply, and parts of the vehicle will then glow brightly, and the exhausted hot air can even look like flames. The light from the hot spots can then also be reflected from great areas of the vehicle body so that the whole vehicle seems to be glowing.

    Sometimes also lanterns are lit on the vehicle to warn other air traffic to avoid collision, or the vehicle emits spotlight for observational purposes. All these variable glow and light pattern are also a typical part of UFO reports.

    All technologies will fail sometimes, and when thi type of vehicles fail, one can in most cases expect them to descend to a low altitude and then cautiously fly back to the base, but in an erratic manner. In more severe cases one can expect them to crash or even burn up or explode in the air. Due to the content with highly radioactive material and very warm molten substances, one can expect the wreckage to be hot and be glowing a long time afterwards.

    One can also expect special military units, to immediately detect the incidence. Then they will typically follow the vehicle back to the base in a helicopter, if it can still fly. If the vehicle cannot fly any more, or is totally wrecked, one can expect the military units to immediately hurry to the place, fence off the area from the public, gather the remains and tidy up the place.

    However, as the technology improves, one can expect these incidents to be steadily more seldome. There are several reports on UFO incidents of exactly this kind, connected to exactly this type of behaviour from military units. But as the time has passed, these incinents have got rather rare, just as one can exopect with a stedily improved technology.

    There are a few reports about wreckage materials recovered by sivillians and sent to analysis in laboratories. What has come forth from these analyses, is that the material were state of the art metallic alloys that did not point to any extraterrestrial origine. The properties of UFO incidents are therefor a strong indication of the existance of nuclearly powered surveillance vehicles owned by governments.


    Knut Holt is an internet based consultant and marketer focusing on technical and scientific items. He is also interested in health and fitness and in the investigation of strange phenomena. Please go to this web-site to read more about several scientific subjects, and to find smart products in the categories health and fitness, RC models and hobby, electronics, car equipment, and jewelry.

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