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Strange animals and plants


    The hagfish is perhaps one of the strangest and funniest animal species in the world. It is a very primitive eel-like relative of vertebrates. It has a scull and a spinal cord, but no bones in the body. It is capable of producing enormous amounts of slime that can easily make a bucket of water into a thick slimy goo or gel. A main purpose of the sime seems to be to clog the gills of predators so that they soffocate. You can read more about it here:

  2. ABOUT CHUPACABRAS – are thes lone mutant individuals?

    Chupacabras is something that has plagued the southern American continent for some decenniums now. The creatures are said to attack domestic animals, mainly by stinging them, but they seem to be generally afraid of humans and very avasive.

    They are variously described as lizard-like or as mammal-like and of middle size, often widt strong posterior limbs and anterior limbs more like arms.

    But what are those creatures. Well they may be mutant specimens of various species that appear from time to time. The mutation give them some unusual abilities, but they are not able to proliferate and they live as lone individuals their whole life, exploiting their special abilities.

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