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Strange child abuse cases

Please tell about unresolved child abuse cases that do not seem to conform to the usual concept of child abuse – sexual abuse or other kind of abuse.


    In the latest decennia there have been a lot of strange child abuse cases connected with kindergartens and other establishments that take daily care of children. What characterizes these cases as as follows:

    – Children begin to get nervous and shop strange bahaviour combined with physical symptoms.

    – They begin telling that people in the institution do strange things with them in an intimate way, but what they tell do not resamble sexual handlings in the strict sense.

    – The children also tell about bizarre rituals, often involving other children, adults, animals and mythological figures, lik for example Santa Claus.

    – Fairly soon one person are pointed out as a possible perpetrator or rather scape goat.

    – Police investigation is initiated.

    – One tries with all means to get abuse stories out of the children.

    – The children will eventually tell consistant abuse stories, but the stories do not adhere to the common concept people and expert have about sexual abuse.

    – The outpointed scapecoat will typically have a role in the stories, and often a ring of perpetrators around in the society is pointed out, but one find out that the persons acccused usually did not have the physical, chronological or economic opportunity to do what they have been accused for.

    – The cases tend to end without being resolved, or someone is found guilty and sentensed to a penalty under very dubious condition.


    The origine of the histories from the children are memories from secret medical exams, procedures or experiments performed on children and young people under anestesia when they are taken care of in kindergartens, schools or other institutions.

    Anesthesia never works perfectly, and material from the procedure can be laid down in the memory even though the object is unconscious and later come up again in a somewhat reshaped form.

    Moments suggesting this explanation are as follows:

    – In many health institutions children are rutinously sedated without them knowing it and without them knowing what is planned. Sometimes not even the parents know it. Other types of authorities, like surveillance units have been known to use such procedures for surveillance of families and children, and with various purposes.

    – Kindergartens and schools often cooperate widt health institutions and can be used as practical sites for such ordeals.
    – There are evidence that children have been secretly used as guinea pigs under anesthesia, even though the frequency is difficult to determine.

    – There are also heavy evidence that children are examined secretly under anesthesia during child protective cases to look for signs of sexual abuse and maltreatment and kindergartens are likely sites for also this variant of the ordeals.

    – Personel inside surgical units or rooms set up in the same fashion typically behave in a strange frightening way for children that do not know exactly what is going on, wearing strange clothing, masks and special eyeglasses.

    – Many realworld procedures like cystoscopies and colonoscopies are very similar to what children during such cases tell about.

    – There is evidence that children also sometimes are tested psychologically or neurologically under some degree of anesthesia, which can account for the more bizzare features of alien abduction.

    – Some medication, like ketamine, can give a person the false feeling of howering and and other strange feelings or sightings.

  2. anystrangethingKnut Holt permalink

    One may wonder why such ordeals seem to happen. Here are some possible explanations:

    – The child has a genuine need for some intimate exam, but the health authorities do not think it is psychologically good for the child itself or the parents to know about the things done.

    – The health authoritise are afraid of being accused of sexual abuse and therefore hide certain type of exmas and procedures behind anesthesia and other means of secrecy.

    – Some trype of authorities are running a surveillance program on the population and use chlidren secretly as physical and psychological data source.

    – Child protective agencies and health authorities are secretly searching for signs of child abuse on the children, and want to hide it from the parents and the child itself.

    – Some medical and psychological research projects may use children as guinea pigs, and this is held secret because it is illegal or will not be accecpted by the parents.

    – Children may be used secretly as sources of tissue for research or for medical treatment of other persons.

  3. SNEAKY TRANSFORMATION OF BOYS TO GIRLS – a new kind of child abuse?

    This is an article I have written for, but is free to copy and reuse for everyone when all links are present in the copy. It handles about a somewhat clandestine ordeal that steadily more often occurs in European and American countries.

    Sneaky Transformations of Boys to Girls – a New Kind of Child Abuse?

    Boys are steadily more often transformed to girls from an early age for research purposes, to produce a certain kind of artists and to please the wishes of parents.


    The following information seems unbelievable, but it has been obtained by interviews and conversations with a lot of people going through these ordeals and by comparing their stories to check consistence, so it is by all probability real.

    Boys are steadily more often transformed to girls by a series of interventions. This kind of ordeal seems to occur in all parts of the world, including USA, UK and Canada. The interventions are typically done as a cooperation between three parts that each have specific interests in the process.

    One part is the parents, or more often a single mother, that has the daily care for the boy. The incentives of the parents seem to be a whish to have a daughter with a slim body shape of the same kind boys often have, an aim of making a female ballet or gymnastic artist out of the boy, and economical compensation they get from the other two parts.

    Another part is usually certain kind of educational institutions that have the interest of producing girls or women with a fairly small stature, slim body, extremely flexible joints and spine and a juvenile appearance, most typically ballet schools. It seems that boys selected for this form of transformation are given free place at the school.

    The third part seems to be medical research institutes that use the procedures and the boys to do gender-related psychological and physiological experiments, to test out new pharmacological regimes and test out new surgical methods. These institutes seem to pay the educational institutions and possible the parents to get access to the boys. The boys also seem to be used as training objects for medical students.

    The transformation is typically hided and done secretly for the boys themselves at the initial phases, by use of sedation or general anesthesia, and by letting the boy think medication they get are vitamin pills, vaccination shots or similar.

    The transformation that often start at the age of 7-9 is typically done by these means:

    – Stopping the puberty and some of the growth by hormone blocking medication through shots or oral pills pretended to be vitamin pills.
    – Making his testicles and penis shrink by hormone blocking medication.
    – Gradual building up inner female organs with a series of small surgical interventions through their penis and urethra, through heir anus or by needle-like instruments inserted into the lower stomach or scrotum. The interventions are done under anesthesia. The boys are usually told that they only go through some exam that all children have to go through or some other excuse is produced.
    – Femininizing medication that works on the body and psychologically.
    – Feminizing education and clothing regimes.
    – Feminizing hypnotic interventions. The hypnotic interventions are often done under some degree of sedation.
    – The psychological interventions also have the aim of making the boy believe that he is gradually changing to girl by himself and to whish to become a girl fully.
    – At some point castration.
    – At some point when the boy appear more like a girl than a boy, the final surgery is done, typicalle just before the normal puberty would have started, but sometimes later.

    It is unclear if this kind of transformation will produce fully productive female sexual organs. Most doctors will say this is impossible. It seems however that the most advanced experiments done on these boys have this aim, since the former boys are able to menstruate when the transformation is done.

    The interventions are typically done at special clinics or at special sections in a ballet school or other educational institutions. The day-school that the boy attend is usually also informed about he process and may participate. Many of these boys also attend special private day-schools that are more involved than ordinary public schools.

    Since these ordeals typically begin whitout the knowledge and the concent of the boy, and since the long term medical outcome of such transformatins are uncertain, one may ask if these ordeals are to be regarded as a kind of child abuse.


    Knut Holt is an internet consultant and marketer focusing on health items. To find information about fitness, health and sex, including more information about urinary and genital issues, and products to improve fitness, health and sexual life, please visit his web-site.


  4. The Bjugn Child Case – A mysterious Norwegian Child Abuse Case

    by Knut Holt


    Bjugn is an isolated rural comunity with a town situated at the mid west coast of Norway. This history happened in 1994, in a period where Norwegian media and authorities were running intensive information campain about child abuse, a campain that far exeeded the limits of gross and exaggerated propaganda regarding the frequency of sexual abuse, what can be defined as sexual abue, symptoms of sexual abuse and the consequences of abuse.

    Before the history took place there was therefore a high sensibility in the Norwegian population about any symnptom that could suggest child sexual abuse. People tended to interprete anything unusual with a andult as symptoms of him or her being an abuser. Anything unusual with a child tended to be interpreted as symptoms of being victim of sexual abue, regardless of this unusual was something positive or negative.


    The ordeal initiated by some children attending a specific kindergarten, Botnegård kindergarten, began showing fear of being in the kindergarten and other places in the community where children often were brought for various purposes. They also showed signs of fear of being naked and about bodily procedures of all kind, like mdical procedures. At the onset, the fear was not connected to any specific person.

    Some of the parents, began their own investigations, mainly by performing their own interrogation of the children and posing suggestive questions regarding specific persons working in the kindergarten, and what they did to the children. Soon the attention of both the children and the parents were directed towards a male assistant in the kindergarten. The children told a lot about other persons, especially persons of authority in the community, but those others were ignored in the first place.

    The children could tell bizarre, but fairly consistant histories about things done to them and things they witnessed. In those histories the accused assistant and others took them into a special room in the kindergarten, The Blue Room, or drove them to other places in the community. There a group of persons subjected then to frightening bodily and menal ordeals. In the stories the assistant played more a role as a person thet brought the children to those places than an active participant in the ordeals.

    Allthough the histories were so bizarre that they hardly could be peossible ad told, the histories were remarkably consistant.

    In the subsequent development more children were added and extensive investigations were initiated by the social services, the health services, the police and by the parents themselves.

    As the investiagtion went on several other suspected persons were added, especially persons with a role in the community services, and even the sherrif in the comune was added as as suspect.

    But the material revealed from interrogations of the children and the involved adults had some major problems.

    The histories of the children did not look like histories of classical sexual abuse.

    The children told they had been naked and taken picture of, one gets the impression that the picture taking was done in a very standarized way, not the way one takes pictures in a sexual setting.

    The children told that they had been lain naked in cribs, and also there taken picture of, but sgain one gets the impression that this was a standardized action following some algoritm.

    One got plenty descriptions of the use of something that could look like a male sexual organs, but the children always described the actions of these things more like actions of technical equipment. especially endoscopic equipment, and not human body parts.

    They told about men that did something ritualistic with their penises,including emptying some slime from the penises in buckets, but the description did not fit very well with any sexual action, but more with someone preparing some medical technical equipment before use.

    The children told about being stung with needles, being touched in their bottom, and their genitals being spread open, but again things they told about sounded more like some standardized medical procedure than anything else.

    Eventually they managed to get a couple of the children say they had been subjected to intercource, but it was doubtful if they undertood what they was made to tell about.

    The children told about violence against children at a secret place, but one never found any indication that the children ever had been subjected to violence. It seemed more that they had witnessed something they interpreted as violence against children.

    The children also told about bizarre violence and sacrifices of animals, and of naked people doing bizarre ritualistic sexual actions with themselves. They also told about sexual actions with sheep.

    The places described were mostly totally different from the house of the assistant or others accused. In some stories his house figured, but the description of the interior fid not match. No private houses or farms were ever found that could fit the stories. But some official buildings, including the health center, figured in the stories, but this clue was ignored.

    The timeframes of the histories did not correspond to the time the accused persons had access to the children or had the possibility of abusing any children.

    Throughout lengthy and exhaustive interrogations subjected to the children, the histories remained the same, only more details were added.

    The police and social services tried in any means to manipulate the children to twist the stories into something that could sound like classical sexual abuse, but did not succeed, except for a couple they managed to tell about something that was interpreted as intercouce.

    Doctors that examined the intimate areas of the children did however find changes that they interpreted as signs of sexual abuse.

    Eventually there were a trial of only the kindergarten assistant, but the inconsistencies of the stories with the practical opportunities he could have had to do those acts, as well as the total lack of technical proof connected to the accused person, made him to be pronounced not guilty.


    It is obvious that no sexual abuse in ordinary sene had been done, and that the kindergarten assistent was not guilty in any crime. But still, the symptoms of the children, and their bizarre, but conistant stories suggest that something serious and secret had been going on with the children. But what is the most probable solution to that riddle?

    The solution that makes most sense is that some secret medical and psychological project had used several children in the community as guinea pigs. During these projects the they had eamined them in their body openings with endoscopic instruments, which children explained by saying that one used penises on them.

    They were probably also subjected to psychological and neurological tests where bizarre actions were staged by means of dolls, backdrops and audiovisual technology, and their reflexes, psychological reactions and culturally based reactions were monitored.

    The most bizarre details in the stories, were produced as a result of these tests, of fantacies based on the general propaganda in the society regarding abuse, and by the suggestions from the investigative staff during the interrogation.

    One possibly brought the children from the kindergarten to special laboratories in the surrounding areas equipped for the task. This could partly be done without the knowledge of the parents, or on the pretence that the child was brought for some medical exam or pedagogical fieldtrip.

    Such happenings is fairly frequent happenings in Norwegian kindergartens and schools, and Norwegion parents are generally socialized to accept explanations given and not ask further questions.

    But the ordeals could also have happened when children were brought by parents to health centers or hospitals for some other exam which involved sedation or general anesthesia. Then the staff used the opportunity also to do these secret tasks.

    They probably gave the children some kind of sedation at some point, passibly already in the kindergarten so that the children got easy to handle and so that they should not remember anything. Still it is impossible to hinder them totally from remembering, with the result that they remembered the details of the ordeals in a partial, distorted and bizzare way.

    The staff in the kindergarten did probably not participate in these actions, except thay they probably assambled the children, possibly brught them alomg in a car and delivered them to those responsible for the projects. The kindergarten assitent did probably not know what was done with the children, but thought they were brought for som ordinary medical exams, psychological tests or pedagogical fieldtrips. Other employees in the kindergarten possible knew more, but probably not many details.

    The projects was probably arranged by medical companies, health institutions, secret services or even by the Norwegian Child Protective system. The purpoes could have been pure physiological and psychological research, test of new medications, experiments of brainwashing techiques, investigation of people’s and families habits, microbial specimen taking and harvesting of tissue from the body of the childre. Ironically, the purpose could even be secret screening of the children for sexual or physical abuse by means of physical examinations and pychological tests.

    Knut Holt

  5. Extensive use of general anesthesia and deep sedation poses threat to childrens IQ, menal development and neurological functions

    A factor posing danger to children’s IQ and mental development in the modern society is an extensive use of deep sedation and general anesthesia on a child, especially if repeated, and especially during the first 10 years of life. There is an increasing use of general anesthesia on children, also for procedures where discomfort and pain can be managed better with other means, including endoscopic procedures that are only examinations and not surgery, and dental procedures. The reason for doctors to use so much deep anesthesia is actually to hinder the child from remembering and telling others about the procedure, and hindering the parents from knowing about details. The long term side effects of general anesthesia and deep sedation is well documented, but undercommunicated to the public.

    Another reason is that doctors often do other things with the child during the session under anesthesia than the procedure heshe oficially is admitted for, and most often these other procedures are directed towards the intimate zone of the child. These procedures may have a good reason, but often the child is used for training of doctors and students , for scientific research or because authorities nearly routinously suspect the parents of sick children for sexual abuse nowadays.

    Knut Holt

  6. Most Alien Abduction Stories Orginate from Secret Medical Procedured on Kids under Anesthesia

    When children are brought under anesthesia for some exam or procedure, memory elements of what is done will be deposited in the kid’s mind before the anesthesia takes full effect and when it wears off after the procedure. It will also often be deposited under the full anesthesia, beacause anesthesia never works perfectly. These memories can however be unconscious for a long time. The setting and handlings in a modern enoscopic or surgery theater is very similar to that in those abduction histories.

    Later, sometimes after years, these memories can pop up in a confused form, blend with memories of real flying objects seen sometimes, or of natural aereal or celestial fenomenons, and the mix produces an alien abduction story. In quite a lot of cases anetesthesia is lured into a child or teen and the procedure performed secretly for a variety of reasons. If that is the case, the impression of having been abducted by aliens will be even greater.

    That this probably is the best explanation for at lest many alien abduction stories can be seen by the following facts:

    The actions of the aliens in these abduction histories are very similar to actions of medical teams performing intimate endoscopic examinations on children and teens under anesthesia.
    The environment said to be inside UFOs is also nearly exactly like modern endoscopic theaters or surgery theaters in hospitals, health centers or even in some great schools or kindergartens that provide medical services for the kids in addition to education.

    The bahavior of the anesthetist sitting by the head end of the patient is exactly the same as of that alien that hypnotize and controle the behavior of the abducted person.
    The instruments experiencers say that the aliens use are in most cases fully compatible with modern endoscopic instruments.

    Certain anesthetics can give a person the impression of being levitated and a surgical lamp often looks like an UFO, and this together can give an impression of being floated and levitated up into an UFO.
    The so-called aliens often also resemble doctors and nurses in surgical suits. The typical greys occur only in a fraction of the stories, actually.

    I have myself done some investigation about these stories and related stories and come to the conclusion depicted here..

    By Knut Holt

    More interesting information about health, fitness and sexuality here:

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