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Strange sigtings


    14.des.2009 people in the northernmost area of norway say a magifiscent display of a huge light spiral on the dark sky.

    Later not it was admitted from the russian administration that a failed missile test had been done, and that was probably the source of the sigting.

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    In the recent decennium there have been steadily more frequent observations of rod-like flying objects with several pairs of fins along the rod. They can be small or great and can be observed at any place outdoor and indoor. Because of a high velocity, they are most often discovered unexpectedly on footage images after the filming.


    A skyfish is an alleged rod-like flying object which can fly by moving fins or wings attached to the sides in the same way that a fish swims in the water. There can be 3 or more fins along the rod, or the fins can be continuous like the fins of a manta. The movement of the fins is synchronized in such a way that it appears to be waves moving along each side from the front to the end. They can be variously sized from a couple of inches to 30 feet of length.

    One have detected these objects flying high and low, outdoor and indoor and even swimming submerged in water by means of the fins. They are usually white or of light color and seem to reflect light very well or even radiate a white light.

    They fly so fast, 150 to 1000 MPH, that it is nearly impossible to get a good view of them without filming them with a camera and then scan the footage frame by frame. Photographers that were filming other activities where the first persons being aware of the existence of flying rods when they were looking at the footages in slow motion.

    The objects are capable of maneuvering between other objects or human beings in this fast speed without colliding. They seem to be attracted by unusual human activities taking place, such as parachute jumping, warfare activities or unusual gatherings of people.

    Nobody has been able to catch any of these objects and preserve them as such. There are anecdotes that such objects have been caught and then have dissolved, and in some cases objects believed to be skyfishes have been caught and proven to be fast flying insects that appear to be multi-winged rods when observed flying.

    By now there exists a heavy corpus of photographic documentation about this phenomenon and one can easily find pictures of the phenomenon by searching on Internet with the key-words “flying rod” or “skyfish”.


    This phenomenon has probably different explanations in different cases.

    Many of the observations are probably insects or birds flying in a very high velocity and appear to be multi-winged rods when caught on film due to a specific technical mechanism: When a digital camera takes a picture, the photographic plate of the camera is scanned electronically line by line. If the animal fly fast enough fairly near the camera, it will appear at several successive points on the plate before one scanning cycle is done, and therefore be registered several times, which will produce a rod-like appearance furnished with a multiple of wing pairs.

    Some may be a kind of living organisms not known before recently or even a newly developed species. If so, they can be a kind of arthropods with wings on several of the segments.

    Others may be groups of insects, birds or bats flying in succession and in a synchronic way that make them able to reach abnormal speeds without much resistance.

    Some may be mutant individuals originating from a known insect species. Perhaps some kind of mutations make individuals with a multiple sets of wings, and perhaps such mutations are common.

    Still others can be secret surveillance drones, especially those that are too big to be insects or birds. The drones may have highly effective batteries as the energy source, or perhaps use some small nuclear device that makes electric power directly from energy released by nuclear processes, for example from alfa-decay within a nuclear fuel core. The drones are made to fly very fast to cover a great area and to avoid detection.

    Such a drone may be constructed as a rod with several appendages for propulsion and steering, or they may appear as multi-winged constructions on a footage just like a fast-flying insect or bird.

    A more exotic explanation is that they are drones made by alien beings and sent out on mission from UFOs of extraterrestrial origin. One shall not dismiss such an explanation at hand, but this explanation must be regarded as improbable before the more earthly explanations are disproved.

    Another exotic explanation might be that they are coming from a parallel level in another physical dimension than the three dimensions we usually recognize and perhaps are able to jump between such levels. Entities coming from another dimensional level might be living organisms or drones operated by some technically advanced beings.

    If the other-dimensional explanation is correct their physics and chemistry can then be very alien, or at least differ somewhat from the normal stuff we can see around us. A capability of jumping between dimensional levels and a foreign physics can explain their ghost-like behavior and the difficulty of caching them.

    By Knut Holt

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